Cancer – The Bad News

We all care about our health because health is the most important thing anyone can have. And as the old saying say “Money cannot buy happiness” and we definitely will be happy if we are in a good health mentally and physically.

One of the most awful physical illness one can suffer from is cancer.

Cancer can infect many parts of the human body, and most commonly is the breast cancer which usually happens to women and considered one of the most awful things the woman can suffer from.
There are also colon cancer and Prostate cancer and Lung cancer.

It is also an interesting fact to know that in 2006 in the USA the most common type of cancer that occur to the males are the Prostate cancer with a death rate of 23.6%, while the most common type of cancer in the USA for females is the breast cancer with a death rate of 23.4%.

Although the highest death rate type of cancer is the lung cancer with 40% death rate for females and 67.5% for the males.

So for lung cancer, you can avoid it easily, because the common cause for lung cancer is smoking of any kind so that’s why it is a very bad habit that should be stopped.

So if you felt something is going wrong with your body whether it is your lungs or breast you should go to the doctor right away because treating cancer in the early stages is very important and decrease the risk of making the cancer deadly.

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