Diabetes News – Use Flavonoids For Diabetic Complications

The beneficial effects of flavonoids in battling the complications of diabetes are numerous. They are even better than the nutrients vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc, because flavonoids are more potent against a wider range of oxidants.

Diabetics who are already having signs of long-term complications can benefit from a flavonoid-rich extract. Flavonoids concentrate in specific tisses, so it is possible to take flavonoids that target specific body parts.

– Bilberry extract is the best choice for retinopathy or cataracts.

– Ginkgo biloba extract is the best choice for improving blood flow to the legs.

– Grape seed extract is the best choice for poor wound healing and protection against heart disease.

– Quercetin is a good choice for prostate enlargement or bladder irritation.

There is tremendous overlap in the benefits of all flavoniod-rich extracts, the idea is to take one that is most specific to your personal needs.

Flavonoid-rich extracts don’t get the publicity of drugs, but they can be just as effective and at far less cost. They can be far safer than drugs when used as directed.

Flavonoids increase intracellular vitamin C levels, decrease the leakiness and breakage of small blood vessels, prevent easy bruising, and have potent antioxidant effects.

Flavonoids are “nature’s biological response modifiers” because of anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties.

Flavonoids are a group of plant pigments responsible for the bright colors of many fruits. That’s why a diet that includes colorful fruit is so important to diabetics. You can’t go wrong eating something that tastes good and is good for you.

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