Good News For Big Men’s Suits Shoppers

Big and Tall mens stores are becoming easier to find both off and online but until recently the big men’s suits category wasn’t that easy to find. While there are now specialty stores that sell nothing but big mens suits providing a safe haven for the big man against the endless search for the right size, many of the big and tall mens clothing outlets are now introducing suit sections for this growing market.

The growth of the big and tall mens stores has it’s pitfalls as I just recently found out. Big and tall men still come in different shapes and sizes. I’m tall and lanky but not big around the girth. Other men are big but short or average height and others still big and tall. Now stores are having to cater for this increasingly difficult market to service.

Shopping for Big Mens Suits

I was amazed when looking for big men’s suits thinking that the classic big and tall men’s stores wouldn’t have something for my lanky tall bod. I was pleasantly surprised. More so than with no so size challenged man, suit outlets and mens clothing store outlets start with a basic size that is easy for them to tailor fit to the various differences in the big and tall, big or just tall man. And even better, the tailoring for big mens suits is often priced in from the start.

Styles of Suits and Picking a Stylist

Now that the sizing is sorted, the style becomes important particularly with the length of the coat. Most women find any man in a good tailored and stylish suit rather dapper so the only thing to worry about now is getting the length right for each particular unique shape and size. This is where I highly recommend getting yourself a stylist and paying them a onetime fee to tell you exactly what is right for you in terms of style and color. I did this and it has saved me a lot of time and money in purchasing suits that I never ended up wearing because I got it wrong.

You can also get much of this information form online websites giving style tips for the big and tall man as well as watching those red carpet shows where there is a fashion commentary going on. I know it sounds like a chick thing to do, but if you do it in the dark with no one watching then it doesn’t count. And since a suit is a major investment in time and money, far better to get it right the first time rather than making a costly mistake.

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