Hip Hop Jewelry Culture and Cost

Once upon a time, in civilizations that are extinct now, metals were the most valued possessions. Then came gems and gemstones. Finally man discovered diamonds in the most unexpected of places, coal mines! Enter hip hop jewelry and the craze for diamonds has been increasing by the day, even as the number of diamonds unearthed decrease. No cult or culture has popularized diamonds to this extent.

Big chunky diamonds set in solid gold and platinum, in a wide variety of designs from alphabets and numbers to animal shapes and objects, symbols and anything you care to wear, the popularity of hip hop music and culture has shot through the skies. Popular artists like 50 cents, Beyonce, Jay Z, Usher and Eminem helped popularize the trend with some great music, strengthening the fan base and consequently influencing the fashion scene.

Hip hop jewelry is in itself a niche segment in jewelry. Dedicated designers and some artists themselves design these chunky pieces. The biggest draw of hip hop jewelry is the size of the diamonds and the sheer extravagance of the look called bling or bling bling. The bigger the diamond the more expensive it is and the more classy, uptown and cool the look.

These diamonds are heavy in carats and are simply not within the financial reach of the average person. However, hip hop jewelry with smaller diamonds is also available. Here, a cluster of small diamonds is embedded to give the look of a large diamond. Such pieces are low on carats as well as price. Because the price of a diamond is directly proportional to its carats weight, the smaller clustered diamond variety is quite affordable. If, even this isn’t in your range, despair not for fake hip hop jewelry comes to the rescue.

With the propagation of the plastic and synthetic age, everything that was once exclusive and unaffordable has is now available in its cheaper spin off versions in synthetic materials. So is the case with diamonds, gold and platinum, the only things hip hop jewelry is made of. Unless you are an expert, you can easily be fooled by a fake diamond. The only way a layman could tell the difference between real and fake jewelry is by observing the finishing of the piece. The more polished and perfect the finishing, the better the chance of it being original. However, most people do not have an eye for detail, neither the time nor patience. So, indulge your passion for hip hop jewelry at affordable costs.


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