How to Finish Off the Mobile Disco Set

All good things must come to an end but when the party is going very well it can be quite hard for the DJ to just switch off the music and then that’s it. There are subtle ways the disco can end and at the same time keeping the crowd happy and energetic. The worst thing to do is to completely cut the music off without giving the audience any sort of warning as this will leave them confused and probably slightly annoyed.

Let people know over the microphone

When there is half an hour to go until the music stops the DJ can announce this over the mic and this will prepare the audience for the end. A lot of people may have had a couple of drinks and therefore their memories will not be at its best, so a little reminder will not go a miss. I’d say every 10 minutes just remind everyone when the music and party will finish.

Select different music

Each event is different, but any mobile disco work will cater for weddings, birthdays or corporate events and the music styles will generally be the same sort of commercial style. A wedding is quite a romantic event where there will generally be lots of couples and this is a great opportunity for the DJ to wind down the evening by playing romantic numbers. This will filter out the hardcore dancing crowd and leave the love birds to the slow dancing to finish off the evenings party. If your crowd is lively and parting hard, then the DJ should finish off with something like a sing-a-long which everyone can relate to and dance to together. With a lively crowd at least the last two songs should be announced and this will probably work in the discos favor because people know the night is ending and the song choice is classic and memorable.

Lower the Volume

Apart from making formal announcements towards the end of the set lowering the volume can give people the message that the event is drawing to a close. Normally music gets louder from when the party started and people start to dance but when the volume is lowered some guests may leave the dance-floor which makes it easier for the DJ to finish off. Some music doesn’t sound well when played at a low volume so the DJ should select appropriate music.

Announce the last song

Any party and the DJ should finish on a high and hopefully with applause and a cheer when the music ends. The DJ can be playing any sort of music, but to end the night with a bang a popular tune should be played for everyone to enjoy and sing-a-long to. On the mic the DJ should say something like “Thank you all for coming down to help make this party special and this is the last tune from me tonight!”

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