Make Him Truly Love You – Make Him Truly Care

To make him truly love you – that is a goal that can be difficult to reach. It will call for some work on your part; some changes to make. But the rewards can be truly worth it. If you are looking for romance, commitment, a boyfriend / husband / lover / soul mate, read on and let us look into male psychology together. Read on for some great dating advice.

If you want to make him truly care, you need to give him something to truly care about. This is more difficult than just the ability to attract men; you need to also catch the eye of that special someone, Mr. Right, and make him truly love you and care about you. You need an attraction that will really get his attention.

Do not dress as though you were looking for a sexual hook up.

Do not dress or act as though you were looking for friends with benefits arrangements. This will not make a guy fall in love with you and it will not make him commit to you. It will attract the attention of someone who wants to use you and then dump you. This is not the way to gain romance and a commitment or make him truly care.

The best tactic is to combine showing personal attention with playing hard to get.

Why is this the best way? There are 2 reasons behind it. The first reason is that you need to let him know that you are interested. Men can hesitate to make a move if they think you are not interested in their moves. So you need to show personal attention.

The second reason is that if he thinks that you are needy, you will not be attractive to him. Being needy is being a burden. Men are not looking for a burden to support. They want someone who will add to the quality of their lives. So make sure that he is aware of the wonderful things that you can add to his life. This can make him truly love you.

Add a smile to his life.

Are you a person who smiles a lot? Do you smile at him? Smiling at people is the best way to start a relationship. It makes them know that you are interested in them. It also lets them know that you are an emotionally healthy person who would not be a burden.

So, smile. Smile a lot. Smile at him. But do not overdo it. If you are smiling at him every time you look at him, you will either seem emotionally unbalanced or needy. This is not playing hard to get. So make it a nice smile, but a short one. This is balancing personal interest with playing hard to get.

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