Pearl Engagement Rings Versus Diamond Engagement Rings

In the world of engagement rings, there is no doubt about what is king. Jewellers have combined the diamond’s natural appeal with clever marketing, media exposure and fortuitous word of mouth to cement its place atop the precious gem pecking order.

In recent years, however, a number of more traditional gems have enjoyed a bit of a resurgence in popularity, with many quickly catching up to the diamond in terms of mass appeal and demand. Directly beneath the precious stones – sapphires, rubies, emeralds and the like – one can find a third layer, comprised of the so-called ‘semi-precious stones’, which often offer a pleasantly balanced combination of affordability, beauty and durability.

Pearl engagement rings are among the most popular types of jewel found in this bracket, and – much like sapphire or emerald rings – have managed to maintain, if not expand, their demographic throughout the years. But exactly how do these gems measure up against the popular diamond?

First of all, pearl engagement rings can attract those couples looking for something a little more out of the ordinary. Diamond engagement rings are the absolute standard for the industry at this point and have become almost synonymous with the mainstream couple. Lovers wanting something a little more original and individual cannot go wrong with pearl engagement rings. These gems also have the advantage of looking just as classically beautiful as their more shiny counterparts and having just as much tradition as engagement jewels.

The second factor which can endear pearls to customers as opposed to diamonds is, of course, the price. Pearl engagement rings are much less over-priced than an average diamond ring and therefore are much more affordable. This makes them the perfect choice for those with lower budgets or who are unwilling to play the ‘inflation game’ diamonds are so often subject to in the engagement ring market.

Couples who just cannot make up their minds between the sparkling beauty of a diamond or the more subdued and classic appeal of a pearl ring will be happy to know that the two are not only frequently combined, but they go well together. Combinations of the two gems usually feature a central pearl set in a bed of smaller diamonds, such as a pave setting. Since the smaller diamonds used to highlight the pearl will generally be more affordable than a single, large solitaire diamond, this works out to be the perfect solution for those seeking to have the best of both worlds.

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