Seventy (70) Is The New Forty (40) – Exercising Your Total Body Is Good News For Baby Boomers

Seventy (70) is the new Forty (40). To a lot of you that sounds like a lot of BS, as you sit there with aches and pains in places you never knew you had. I’m 70 so I know what you’re feeling. As we age our metabolism slows down, muscle mass shrinks and our hormones and neurological responses decline. However, those facts being what they are, recent studies at the Center for Exercise Medicine at the University of Alabama ( Role Tide) for you Bama Fans, have in fact verified the statement, that seventy (70) is the new forty (40). Several of their studies show that muscle growth and strength can be achieved by us Baby Boomers, or seniors if you will. The key is consistent effort. If you put forth that effort to exercise consistently and follow a fitness scheme you will see results. I’m not suggesting that you try to bench press New Jersey and run a Forrest Gump marathon, but that you follow a fitness schemes that consists of at least thirty (30) minutes three times a week. To see results might take a little longer, to achieve, but the studies indicate if you’re consistent the results will be the same as when you were in your forties. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a physique of a well toned person in their forties then a muscle sagging person in the seventies or beyond. More details please visit:-

Like I mentioned earlier I’m 70 yrs old and I have being following various work out schemes for well over 50 years, long before it became fashionable main stream. With that said my advise is to first, and most importantly, consult with your medical doctor and make sure he gives you the OK to start your fitness scheme. Once you have been released to start your scheme, start out with the basics, at a slow to moderate pace. Your workout scheme should be basic, yet work your entire body.

Lets get started with some basic terms:

(SETS) A set refers to the particular exercise for the particular muscle group in your fitness scheme. Example Bicep Curls, Our goal is to do three sets of each body part minimum of eight (8) reps, maximum of twelve (12) reps. Once you achieve twelve (12) reps you need to increase your weight. As with all the exercises once you reach twelve (12) reps, without much resistance, increase your weight amount by 2 1/2 or 5 pounds. It’s a judgement call on your part.

(REPS.) Reps is short for repetitions or number of times you repeat a particular exercise motion.Example Eight (8) reps.

Shoulder Width – Placing your feet the width of your shoulders.


1) WARM UP: First I like to take a short walk for about ten minutes, on a tread mill or out in nature to get my blood flowing and all my body parts loosened up.

2) Push Ups: To start 5 to 10 push ups If you are unable to do a normal push up, you can do these standing up pushing off a wall. The idea is the motion, push ups off a wall will still work you chest muscles and triceps.

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