Smart Grid Leads a New Life

With the advent of low carbon life style, the intelligent grid, or the smart grid, has drawn great attention of people. So what is the smart grid and what revolutionary changes will it bring to our common life?

To adapt the international trend of low carbon concept, government of all countries try to establish an intelligent grid that covers most of the counties and states. The grid is constructed for biological use and includes facilities accordingly like the green renewable energy, intelligent home and electric automobiles. Therefore, a smart city that is more suitable for people has emerged. Besides, in the planning of the smart grid, many kinds of new technology has been adopted and the smart city is mainly using the clean solar energy and all the buses are equipped with electric power.

Another advantage of the smart grid is that it will improve the comprehensive competition of cities. It not only depicts and blueprint of the future, but also it will able to change the development style and to adjust the industrial structure as well. Furthermore, with the usage of this highly advanced technology, electric power will become much more reliable and stable, problem that the power instability can be solved effectively.

With the transformation of the mode of economic development, electric quality is one of the key factors of the urban competition under the economic style driven by high-tech and digitization. Besides, the development of the intelligent grid, informatization which is the core of city competition will be ensured as soon as possible.

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