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For most companies, open enrollment is a 30-day period in which employees have the opportunity to select their benefits for the next year.

Making an informed decision about which health insurance plan to select is critical for employees, but it can be a little overwhelming, especially if there are several plans to choose from. To assist employees in their decision-making process, it may be helpful to hold a series of on-site open enrollment meetings. These meetings provide a forum for employees to meet with a representative from the health insurance carrier to discuss details about each available plan and ask questions.

The key to planning a successful open enrollment campaign is preparation, preparation, preparation. If you plan ahead and enlist assistance from your health benefits company, you can offer employees an educational campaign that will equip them with the information they need to select the best health plan for them. More details please visit:-

So many choices

The first step is to determine the health benefits options that will be available. The plans that you offer to employees may
change from year to year.

Prior to open enrollment, many employers revisit their health plan package to make sure they are getting the most for
their company’s health benefits dollars.

Whether you select a new health insurance carrier or renew with your existing one, be sure to find a plan that packages
core medical benefits with additional services designed to improve health and reduce costs. For instance, ask your health benefits company if it has a disease management program to help employees with chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Typically these programs provide employees with tools and instructions to help them monitor their health status and
manage their disease to a point where health risks are as minimal as possible. Participation in disease management programs can also help employees avoid costly hospital admissions and reduce your bottom line.

Set the agenda

Once you have determined the health benefits plans that will be available to your employees, it is time to develop an agenda for open enrollment. An effective open enrollment campaign should do more than simply inform employees of their health benefits options; it should also educate them on how to get the most from their health benefits plan.

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