The Secret Formula For Sounding Like A News Anchor

It’s actually quite simple once you know it. But isn’t that the same with everything?

You know, no one likes to sound stupid. Either in person, on the telephone, or on an audio recording. Well, you’re about to learn the secret to sounding like a pro.

Here it is…

You’ll sound more confident in all of your recordings when you know that all your umms, and ooohs, and mistakes can be edited out of your audio product just about as easily as you make them.

Yes, it’s true.

Imagine if you had that luxury when you opened your mouth in public and said something stupid. “Oppps, let’s just rewind and erase that.”

Wouldn’t THAT be a blast?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that in real life. And once it’s out, the damage is done. Not so with video and audio editing.

You have the luxury of just relaxing and “letting your thoughts flow” and, if you make a mistake, pause for a moment to collect your thoughts, get back on track and then simply continue.

Once the audio recording or video shoot is finished, simply go back, edit any mistakes and finalize a polished presentation that makes you sound and look like a pro!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is once you know how to professionally edit and polish an audio or video product. And you’ll learn several things you need to keep in mind to make the editing process easier.

For example, just pausing for a second, and continuing on allows you to keep the same rhythm, beat and momentum that you had going when you made the mistake. So later, during the editing stage, it’s simply a matter of erasing the bad parts and stitching together the good parts. This makes the edit sound “seamless.” In other words, you’ll be the only one who knows a mistake was even made. Mistake? What mistake 🙂

That’s the secret of sounding like a pro when creating audio and video products. It works like a charm. Know why? Because that’s exactly how the big shots you see on TV and in the movies do it.

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