Thinking About Furniture For Your Hallway?

Your hallway is often the first area of your home interior that guests and visitors see. Of course, you will want people to see a well organized and furnished home, but what kind of furniture can you place in such a narrow space? Storage benches, shelving units, and chests are all functional, as well as attractive. Should your home already have an entryway, a beautiful curio cabinet or table can also add pizzazz to a bland hallway.

Storage Benches

Available in a wide variety of sizes, storage benches will provide both everyday occupants and guests a place to neatly store shoes, outerwear, and their bags. Not only is this thoughtful, but can save your floors and carpeting from being ruined by dirt, snow, and mud tracked in from outside. A sturdy storage can also offer a place to sit down and unlace shoes, which is important to the elderly or infirm who may not be able to do this while standing.

Shelving Units

Depending on the width of your hallway, a shelving unit could be a large bookcase or a small, single shelf placed high on the wall with hooks or pegs mounted below. A shelving unit gives visitors a quick glimpse into the flavor and tastes of what lies within your home. A family steeped in academia may display vintage books, framed degrees, or academic awards. Those who like to travel might put up the very best of their shopping finds from around the globe. Hooks beneath the shelves also give guests a place to hang their bag or coat.


Whether you choose a travel-trunk type chest or a narrow chest of drawers, chests can be used to store seasonal outwear and accessories such as gloves, hats, scarves, and umbrellas in a central location. This system can be very beneficial to a household with children or many on-the-go members. A chest will also help keep the hall closet from becoming an overflowing, unorganized mess.

Curio Cabinets

If your home already has a ‘mud room’ or other entryway, you may not need a functional piece for your hallway. Likewise, a narrow hallway may be just the place to display a gorgeous curio cabinet. Like shelves, curios can display the most beautiful and unique possessions of the family. curios also have the added advantage of protecting delicate items as well.

Hall Table

Depending on the style you choose, a hall table can be functional or simple decorative. For a tiny hallway, a simple table with a lovely piece of art displayed may be just right. For larger entryways, a table with drawers beneath can be functional and still provide a welcoming look for those entering the house.

No matter what kind of hallway furniture you decide upon, it can be decorative, functional, or both. Don’t be afraid to consider pieces you would normally consider for other rooms. Use hall furniture to create an inviting and gracious entrance into your home.

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