Three Writing Exercises You Can Do Right Now

If you want to enhance your skills in writing, there are always solutions to help you out rather that forcing and depressing yourself with the current writing situation you have.

All the experts say the same thing. When you want to improve your writing abilities, you have to “practice, practice, practice.”

If you can’t come up with exercises to polish those skills, here are three general-type writing activities you can engage in right now. Yes, right at this moment, so you won’t have anymore excuses.

a. Pick out a news item from an online newspaper and rewrite it. Go to Google News, find some random article and write it in your own words. No need to fret about style or whatever, since only you will read it. Just read the piece and put it down in your own words.

b. Turn on the TV. Watch a scene and describe it in writing. Yes, do it for the very first scene on the very first show on the very first channel you turn to. Strive to write in in detail, in as colorful a manner as you can manage.

c. Step outside. Watch people interacting. Write about it. Describe the settings, introduce the characters and provide an account of what happened. Even two people randomly passing by each other can be fodder for several paragraphs of practice text.


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