Top Five Airport Flash Mobs

Is there anything fun or pleasant about being at the airport? Well, sometimes, for some very fortunate travellers, a spontaneous display of entertainment erupts. If you see a spectacle of coordinated, performance-quality singing and dancing unfold around you in any public place, including airports and train stations, stop and appreciate the spectacle. Don’t blink, for this is something special. You are in the midst of a flash mob.

Flash mobs are a 21st-century fusion of performing arts, Internet culture and widespread fun. A group secretly choreographs a song-and-dance routine to perform without warning in a public place and to the total surprise and delight of a crowd of random bystanders. At the end, the performers disperse back into the crowd without leaving a trace, as if the whole thing were a fantastic dream. Taking place in airports, such events have helped thousands beat the boredom of long delays and layovers. Here is a roundup of our favourite airport flash mobs.

Edmonton, UK: Unite for More Flights Flash Mob

This flash mob was part of a publicity campaign on behalf of Edmonton International Airport (EIA) in the United Kingdom. The airport’s ‘Unite For More Flights’ effort aims to attract more flights to its destination. Strategically, the video is linked to EIA’s Facebook page, where fans can enter to win iPods and iPads.

The flash mob video comes across as commercial, especially when the dancers break out the signs around minute 3:14. Even so, the dancers capture the spirit of fun, breezing with huge smiles and flawless precision through their routine. Especially impressive are the breakdancing runway men. All and all, this video and the surrounding campaign score big points for creativity in destination promotion.

Singapore: Million Dollar Flash Mob in Changi Airport

Like the Edmonton flash mob, this production was also part of an advertising campaign. Singapore’s Changi Airport turned heads last year with its “shop at Changi airport for your chance to win a million dollars” contest.

The performance begins with a little skit. A girl has ‘won’ the million-dollar prize and the dancing is a celebration that she ignites. The music montage even has a get-rich theme to it, but the best part of this video is the way the dance mob grows and grows – what starts out as a few dancers in the beginning expands to a cast of hundreds. Well done, Changi Airport!

Portugal: Lisbon Airport and TAP Celebrate Christmas Flash Mob Style

The Lisbon Airport flash mob was produced, also a commercial production for the high traffic of the Christmas season, on December 23, 2009. The sponsors were the Lisbon Airport and TAP, the national airline of Portugal.

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