What to Blog About? Six Questions to Help You Decide

The first obstacle to blogging is to deciding what to blog about. Most likely new bloggers have some idea on what topic or topics they would like to write about on an ongoing basis. But what happens when a new blogger struggles to find a topic? Here are six questions beginning bloggers can ask themselves to help decide what their blog should be about.

1) What subjects are you familiar with?

A simple assessment of the topics you know can help you start a list of potential blog ideas. Are you familiar with political campaigns? Do you collect coins and can instruct others how to best select quality coins? Subjects you’ve studied on an informal basis can make a great foundation on which to launch a blog.

2) What did you study in school?

Think of those classes that you enjoyed or excelled in at school. Were you a French honors student and can instruct a beginning French student on proper pronunciation or on French culture? Did you major in architecture and can tell travelers the unique aspects of flying buttresses? Remembering what you enjoyed studying in school can provide you with ideas on what to blog about that may not be obvious at first. More details please visit:-www.mijn-auto-verkopen-vlaanderen.be/ www.mobilhome-kopen.be/ www.mobilhome-opkopers.be/ www.opkoperauto-belgie.be/ www.tweedehands-mobilhome-kopen.be/ www.levellawns.co.uk/

3) What areas have you had additional training in?

Jot down any training you’ve received on-the-job or off-the-job. If you just completed an online training course in PHP, you may be able to share what you have learned with others who are learning this programming language. Are you currently enrolled in a motorcycle repair program? You can easily share what you have learned so far with others and as your knowledge grows, so can your blog.

4) What subjects can you explain easily to others?

We all know someone who seems to go on and on about certain topics. But is that someone you? If you are able to discuss a particular topic pretty much non-stop, then that topic is a perfect one for you to blog about.

5) What do you enjoy discussing?

Are there subjects that make you smile when you talk about them? Why not blog about them too? A new blogger may want to discuss the training of his new German Shepherd puppy. Or, a stay at home mom may find enjoyment sharing tips with other Moms or Dads on how to throw a kid’s birthday party while on a budget. Chances are if you love talking about it, you’ll enjoy blogging about it.

6) What do you know?

Simply ask yourself, “What do I know?” The answer to this question can help put into focus the topics you have extensive knowledge about. Reviewing your answers to the previous five questions will also be helpful and should bring into view an excellent topic for your blog.

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