You Could Have ODD, A Serious Brain Disorder – Obedience Defiant Disorder?

Not long ago, I watched a keynote speaker video from a National Conference from the Natural Health Industry. The video was interesting to listen to in the background as I did my own research for my next series of articles; “Yes, you might be ODD my friend? And thus, we need to give you a prescription, don’t worry we will bill it to the taxpayer, for you it’s free. What do you mean you do not wish to take a prescription? Boy, I knew you were defiant, but now this certainly proves it!” said Mike Adams a natural health researcher.

While this comedy routine amongst his advice an observations at the National Convention for the Natural Health Industry was totally hilarious, his humor and sarcasm is hard-hitting to not only the conspiracy theorist crowd, but to anyone with half a brain. “Oh you only have half a brain now, thanks to all the brainwashing of media, education, and authority, well then that is another disorder you know, and we just happen to have a pill for that too!”

You see, it should be obvious that we have too many “disorders” these days amongst the psychologists, and psychiatrists have far too many pharmaceuticals to prescribe to patients, and we have far too much tax payer money funding it, and did you know that soon more of those prescribed drugs will be manufactured in China, than in the USA? It’s already happening, just read the Big Pharma Industry newsletters or the business pages of America’s national newspapers.

Now you are probably wondering why someone like me would even care, I have never taken any drugs, legal or illegal, but I do care about this issue, because we are giving too many drugs to too many people, and it’s hard to say how many of them we are really helping. And we are not doing the pharmaceutical industry any good, or creating jobs, mostly we are helping employ Chinese now. All this over-medication is raising health care costs, and making personal labs out of our kids in schools and our citizens.

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