A Men’s Golf Driver Trend is Adding More Thrills to the Game

This trend in mens golf driver clubs is making the game easier and more fun for professionals and amateurs alike. Hitting a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway is one of golfs biggest thrills. The few seconds the ball is in the air is pure joy. After doing it once, Wellnessespitch golfers want to do it over and over.

Golf driver heads have progressively grown bigger with each new model introduction. Now they are about twice as big as the last time many golfers purchased one. Gone are the days of small stainless steel drivers. Big titanium drivers have arrived. At a size of 460 cubic centimeters, Asmziine they look massive next to a golf ball.

Hitting beautiful drives is easier with a big driver. Not only does it look easier when addressing a teed up golf ball, it actually is. Bigger titanium golf driver heads have higher moment of inertia which is technical talk for resistance to twisting. It allows golfers to hit a ball slightly off center on the driver face and still enjoy a beautiful ball flight.

The technology has gotten so much better, fibre-in-my-area the United States Golf Association (USGA) decided to step in to limit the size and forgiveness of the new titanium drivers. Those bureaucrats have limited driver volume to 460cc and the moment of inertia to 5900 g*cm^2. Most of the new drivers are built close to the allowable limits.

Now let’s not get carried away. As good as it has become, golf driver technology alone is not enough. A golfer whether beginner or scratch, uncapped-fibre-deals can’t just pick up a new big driver and start hitting it long and straight. It takes skill to know how to swing.

That is the fun part. If it were easy, golfers would do it every time. Instead we appreciate the perfect drive when it happens, property-algarve because it still is more about skill than it is the technology. It also takes self control to endure those ugly drives and persevere with confidence to the next tee. featureweb

Enjoy those beautiful drives. They may not come from every swing, yet with the trend to the biggest mens golf driver heads allowed by the USGA they will come more often.


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