Bad News – Why You Won’t Get Back Your Ex – The Top 3 Mistakes!

You want to get back your ex and put an end to the pain that is making your life miserable day and night. But is your desperation causing you to act in ways that will guarantee failure? Avoid these top 3 mistakes!

1. Neediness is not a virtue – You’re in pain, and so it’s a reflex to reach out to the one who, until quite recently, shared your life. But if you want that person back, that’s the last thing you should do! Think about it, when you and your ex first started out, did they find you attractive because of your dreams and the strength you showed as you lived your own life? Or did they desire to get together with you because they saw you were so needy that you’d never leave them alone?

2. You are not Judge Judy – This is a tough one, because your ex might be exhibiting a range of behavior that you have a legitimate right to be very, very judgmental about! But the fact of the matter is that you want to get back together with this person. And this will not happen if every time they have contact with you, they go away feeling a scumbag in your eyes.

3. Do not try to make them jealous – Blame movie and television writers for this one. The myth that you can wave an admirer whether real or made up in your ex’s face, and so make them rush back into your arms, has put the final nail in the coffin of many a relationship! Try this strategy, and your ex will either see you as a manipulator, or believe that they mattered so little to you, that it was a simple thing for you to replace them.

Avoid these top 3 mistakes, and you are already separating yourself from the herd when it comes to the large number of people who try to get their ex back and fail miserably. But to know guaranteed success, you will need more. You will need a plan that covers how to accurately assess what your ex is feeling and thinking. One that will answer all yo

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