Breaking Tough News to Your Baseball Team

One of the more difficult tasks as a parent is breaking bad news to your kids. We need to be sensitive to their age and awareness being careful to put things in perspective while trying to position the result as a learning experience.

When a kid doesn’t make a baseball team it can be very tough on them. Especially for younger kids who experience this for the first time. They may feel like they’ve failed themselves and you. They may also be subject the boasting and needling of peers who made the team.

First, take the pressure off them. They didn’t fail anyone. They tried there best and that’s what’s important. It is important to try to turn a negative into a positive in these situations. If you feel your child didn’t perform at a level to make the team then you can offer a plan to prepare and improve for next year. Position it as an opportunity to get better at the game. More details please visit:-

Some may feel their child has the abilities to make the team. Most of the time there is tough competition for the few spots on a baseball team. Some times there is a small difference in talent and ability between the players that make it and players that don’t. The positive explanation for your child in this situation is that they are a strong player… and there are many strong players in their age group. If you keep trying and keep practicing you will increase your chances of making the team next year.

Kids should never be told they didn’t make a team because they weren’t good enough. Rather they should be told they are a “good player who needs to improve in some areas and here is what we’re going to do to help you improve”.

You should also prepare your child to answer questions from his peers… have an explanation as to what he’s going to do to improve his chances next year.

Don’t be shy about asking the coach or group who selects the teams to give you some feedback on areas where your child needs to improve. This will help you develop a plan with your child to help give them a chance next year.

The bottom line is to plan ahead what you’re going to say to your child with the goal of turning it into a positive. As tough as it may seem these are some of life’s harder lessons. Teaching your child positive ways how to handle these situations is the best thing you can do for them.

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