Cigarettes Really Are Bad News

Why is smoking cigarettes so popular? What makes people spend so much money on buying cigarettes or tobacco to make into cigarettes? Even the vast numbers of people who give up smoking cigarettes admit to having experienced considerable enjoyment when they were smoking – while at the same time, wanting desperately to give up the cigarette habit. Another mystery which has always surprised me: tobacco is known to be more addictive than alcohol or even heroin and cocaine. Yet, children as young as 16 can purchase cigarettes and other tobacco-related products in the UK but they cannot buy alcohol until they are 18 – and cocaine and heroine are completely illegal. Where is the sense in that?

The World Health Organization acknowledges that more people are killed by cigarettes and other tobacco-related products than any disease anywhere in the world. Do people continue to smoke cigarettes because they are unable to stop, or is there another reason why? When people know the tremendous risks they are taking with the health of their bodies, why do they continue to smoke cigarettes? It has been estimated that, out of all the people who give up smoking cigarettes, up to 70% will restart sooner or later. Part of the problem is the cravings experienced as the nicotine is withdrawn from the body and part is the difficulty in sleeping and the other withdrawal effects experienced. Smokers enjoy smoking. Apart from the social aspects, having a cigarette gives smokers a rush of energy, making them feel more alert. More details please

More younger people than ever before are taking up the habit of smoking cigarettes, in many cases, in an attempt to keep their weight down. Smoking dulls the taste buds so food is less tasty and you tend to eat less of it. Advertising of cigarettes is becoming more and more controlled in many countries and packets of cigarettes have to all carry explicit warnings about serious damage to health. In the whole of the UK and Eire, smoking in public places has been completely banned in an attempt to reduce the risks posed to the public by passive smoking. Smokers now have to either smoke their cigarettes outside, or only smoke in their own homes.

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