Microsoft Vista News: Downloads, Extended XP Support, And One Billion Dollars

here’s been quite a bit of news regarding Microsoft Vista downloads and options lately, so here’s a quick recap for you!

In the past, Microsoft has supported an OS version for two years after releasing a new one. CNN’s website has reported that MS has announced that they will offer what they call “extended support” for XP for five years after the initial two-year support ends in 2009. What’s the catch? The extended support will cost you. No exact fees have been released, but MS reports they expect most support in that five-year period to carry a fee.

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft will offer Vista via download as well as the traditional methods, but did you know home users will be able to upgrade from one home Vista version to another? That’s the theory, according to MS. When a user decides they want to pay more for a more robust version of Vista, they’ll be able to do so without another download or full install. Of course, money will be involved! The user will be prompted for payment, and after doing so, the appropriate Vista features will then be available. (Source: MSNBC website.) More details please visit:-

Finally, The Wall Street Journal announced that Microsoft’s net income fell 28% as revenue edged up to $12.54 billion. That doesn’t include one billion dollars in deferred sales of Vista and the new MS Office. Dr. Evil was unavailable for comment, but even he’d say that’s pretty good money, deferred or not!

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